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We create webapps and business apps in our digital product studio. We do this by enhancing your digital strategy, strong technical development and actively coaching your app launch. From Belgium, we work for customers throughout Europe.

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  • APIs
  • Digital Strategy
  • Platform Strategy
  • React
  • Service Design
  • Support SLA
  • Technical Architecture
  • Training
  • UI / UX Design
  • Vue

About Codana

We create digital experiences that make people happy. Next to being a strong team of Laravel developers, we're a digital product studio at heart. We guide and help you, from concept to a full blown digital launch, for small and large organisations in the whole of Europe.

Strategic Guidance

Our Digital Strategists guide you on your journey through the process of creating superior web app products. From the seed of an idea to the implementation of a roadmap, From concept to product launch.

User Experience & Design

We analyse and comprehend the needs of your internal and external users. Our designers create user interfaces that aim for complete user happiness. We help you with onboarding and project adoption of your stakeholders.


Our technical team defines a solid technical strategy and develops business and webapp but also integration layers or middleware. We use the great Laravel framework.

Aftercare & Optimization

We will help you launch and support your product, and offer technical and marketing support within professional SLA’s.

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