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We've been with Laravel practically from the beginning and love the way it approaches software development. We always write applications in a way that allows them to grow. Scalability, sustainability and quality is the alpha and omega of our work. In addition to Laravel, we also love Livewire, Vue, Node, Electron and Ionic, and we combine specific technologies based on your software needs.

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  • Alpine
  • Electron
  • High Scalability
  • Ionic
  • Laravel
  • Livewire
  • Node
  • Tailwind
  • UX / UI Design
  • Vue

About Rockero

We are based in the Czech Republic and design and develop software mostly for clients in Central and Western Europe, but we have also worked with clients in the USA. We mostly develop information systems, e-shops, websites and mobile applications. However, we can also handle desktop applications - did you know that web technologies can be perfectly fine for these as well?

We like to develop mostly large-scale software that often changes according to business needs and requires close and long-term collaboration. We like to build trust gradually, we are humble and can appreciate when client and supplier form one solid team. As a result, we take each project as our own and the classic client-supplier wall does not arise.

We put not only our brains and hands into development, but also our hearts. We are well aware that well-functioning software is the foundation of a business and when something doesn't work, we literally don't go to sleep until we fix it. This is supported by our high test coverage and a sophisticated quality assurance system that builds especially on quality during development itself.

We don't just build in Laravel, we also like Livewire, Vue, Node, Electron, Ionic and other technologies that we combine to deliver maximum value for you. The same goes for taking the utmost care of UX/UI, which we definitely don't neglect. Oh, and did I mention how important community is to us? We like to draw from it, and even more, we like to contribute through our Laraverse project.

Let's connect and talk about the possibilities of our cooperation!

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