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We help startups and scale-ups to thrive. We audit, architect, refactor, and develop alongside your team while mentoring them — from developer to CTO. Your self-reliance is our goal. With over 10 years of experience, we've seen it all and know how to help you.

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  • Building Start-ups
  • CTO in Residence
  • Company Culture
  • Due Diligence + Audits
  • Engineering Management
  • Recruiting
  • Remote Work
  • Software Development
  • Technical Strategy
  • Training

About Madewithlove

Madewithlove is a remote company from Belgium that helps startups and scale-ups build digital products. The helping aspect is pretty important since our main focus is to mentor your team and get them self-standing asap.

We do two types of projects:

Ghostwriting startups: You have an idea and want to start building. We start the project and help you hire a team that knows exactly how the system works.

Gordon Ramsay's Startup Nightmares: Perhaps your startup is struggling. We will evaluate your team, processes, and product with a due diligence audit. After this, we will take a hand in helping your existing engineers reshape things.

We cover all services that fall under the CTO: product, engineering, hiring, and infrastructure. We are involved in all of these for maximum impact. By having something to say on multiple levels we can work more efficiently and deliver high value without much overhead.

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