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Redberry is a Swiss army knife agency from Tbilisi, Georgia, offering product design, software development and creative growth marketing services. Our clients include government agencies, local and international enterprises and tech startups. Plus, we enhance EU and US-based agencies’ capacity with remote teams. In 9 years, we have devised, designed, and built 100+ web and mobile apps using Laravel’s ecosystem, Vue, React and React Native.

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  • APIs
  • Alpine
  • CI / CD Pipelines
  • Devops
  • Inertia
  • Laravel
  • Livewire
  • Nova
  • React
  • React Native
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Startups
  • Tailwind
  • Test Automation
  • UI / UX Design
  • Vue

About Redberry

Redberry started in 2014 as a four friends' venture to breathe digital life into the brick-to-mortar businesses in Georgia. Today, we are a team of 200 and represent the biggest and leading Georgian agency. On our quest for constant development and evolution, we have assembled a team of all-star, battle-tested UX/UI design experts, software developers, DevOps engineers, project managers, scrum masters, digital strategists, copywriters, and growth hackers.

One of the greatest things about us is our location. We are based in Georgia (the country, not the state), where IT outsourcing is almost tax-free. That means that our EU and US-based partner startups and agencies enjoy more runway and bigger project margins. Plus, we are in the heart of the rapidly growing tech talent pool that we have easy access to, making us a flexible, scalable partner for boosting product development capacity.

Besides being a software house, we are a Google and Facebook partner creative growth marketing agency, which has made us an ideal, full-service partner for 80+ companies of all sizes to design, build, launch and further develop their products. Helping your business grow is our day job, sometimes crawling into the nights and weekends. We view our collaborations as partnerships and remain focused on growing our client's businesses through tech and marketing solutions. That mindset has shaped our list of clients with industry leaders in finance, insurance, real estate, auto, education, healthcare and others.

Having the experience of running a startup studio has refined our ability to optimize for low initial time-to-market and high development velocity. We have built a dozen MVPs and continued developing them over time according to the ever-changing business requirements. We have managed to do that through lean and agile development techniques, making deep use of the whole Laravel ecosystem, setting up and maintaining adequate test coverage of the codebase and using CI/CD pipelines.

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